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PREORDER: Mini Handmade Books - Panoramic United States Abstracted

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Handmade book, faux leather front and back, handsewn, double paged thickness. All books are 8.5"x6" landscape, and will contain one long panorama and 4 shorter ones, title pages, and divider pages.

Because of the nature of these, they are test runs while I ultimately decide how to make the book(s) for the end product of the Project "Panoramic United States Abstracted" once I have completed it, and so they will differ in images, image order, colors, fonts, and transparency types. However, they will all contain the same amount and quality of materials.

If you're new to the project you can check it out under my portfolio!

Shipping is included in the preorder price, and preordering helps me buy the prints for these :) Expect to ship ~ 2 months after placing orders as they are completely handmade!

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