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Saal Digital - Professional Line Photo Book

I had such a fantastic opportunity to try out Saal Digital's new professional line photo book, and it's safe to say it is a beautiful quality book. This book is perfect for photographers wanting to showcase their work because of the lay-flat function of the book, photos are exhibited as they should be. The quality of the photos printed is impeccable, as well as the color is pretty spot on to the digital files; which I was both incredibly surprised and ecstatic about.

I chose to get an acrylic glass cover, but there is an option to do solely leather or cloth covers. The acrylic came out stunning, especially with an image behind it, the book becomes that much more eye catching and appealing to a viewer. I am definitely beyond happy about how this book came out, and in general recommend this product. I am for sure now a fan of Saal Digital and their products because of the quality and their overall service :)

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